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Eagle Mind 2- Sacred Door of Freedom

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Product Description

Eagle Mind 2- Sacred Door of Freedom dvd set

By now from taking the first Eagle Mind course you will have come to understand the vastness of your mind and the sheer potential we have within our beings. In the first course you have learned three days worth of highly practical and powerful techniques that you can use the rest of your life to create any quality life you want. The depth of self exploration utilizing the tools presented in Eagle Mind is limitless.

Hopefully by now you have solidly begun the workings of Eagle Mind and perhaps have even witnessed beneficial changes in your life because of your Eagle Mind work. But the Eagle Mind journey is not yet completed. There is more…

Eagle Mind 2- Sacred Door of Freedom

In this sequel to Eagle Mind we continue the path of the mind and expand our technique base and depth of understanding not only of self but of all life. The sacred path of self exploration is ancient and the techniques presented in this class continue on because of their potency in any age of time. Eagle Mind gave you the foundation, the understanding of what life we exist in and how it directly and indirectly affects every aspect of what we perceive to be the self. You gained tools to begin the process of shedding that which is not you and rediscovering what truly is you. However, as we left the end of the first class there was a trail left open. This trail is the one we address in Eagle Mind 2 and is the Sacred Door of Freedom.

To gain access to the Sacred Door of Freedom we must first travel the Medicine Pathways that guide us to this door. There are 4 main pathways to traverse and they are:

  • Medicine Path of Air
  • Medicine Path of Water
  • Medicine Path of Earth
  • Medicine Path of Fire

Through these pathways you begin to reach beyond the conscious state of your being and enter the higher, deep and more powerful aspects of who and what you are. The connection of mind, brain, body becomes more clear through the 4 Medicine pathways and allows the energy of self to begin embracing the aspects of self most people fail to understand or even find in this day in age. Reaching into the realm of the subconscious and spiritual aspect of the self brings us to face the Medicine Door.

Also in this course we will be addressing the Great Dream and the dream pathways within that dream. The Awareness Point, is origin, function and deeper purpose will be delved into during this aspect of the course. Before moving onto the fifth element we will also get into the Outside Players that will explain the external scenario that effects the path of healing through personal mind work. And let's not forget the Triad Mind that is discussed in detail.

Before we can ever hope to walk through that Medicine Door we must address the fifth element pathway…

Only after we journey down these paths can we gain the understanding of the fifth element before attaining the Sacred Door of Freedom. This fifth element is the Gate of Shadow and the Death Angel. Along the wisdom of these paths and through this gate we can come to into the connection that carries us into the Sacred Door of Freedom.

It is here within this course that you will continue your flight with the Eagle Mind and discover even more about your own power and evolutionary path through existence. If you are ready to find and enter the Sacred Door of Freedom, then come join us in Vermont to explore; to journey ever onward!

This is a 4 full length dvd set that includes the entire Eagle Mind 2 course. This dvd set was not filmed during a live course but rather in studio.


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All of our dvd sets are formatted for IBM Compatible Computers. Some MAC computers will also play them but many MAC computers have problems playing the disks. If you have a MAC computer you may need to find another player to watch these. Most modern Stand Alone DVD Players will however play the disks.


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Product Reviews

  1. Intriguing!

    Posted by Josh on 10th May 2013

    Provocative! I love this set. It’s interesting, engaging and filled with things I would have never thought of, but now that I’ve been exposed to it I see how important it is TO think about it.
    Highly recommend this to anyone who saw the first Eagle Mind set!

  2. Just Perfect

    Posted by Judy on 8th May 2013

    After watching Eagle Mind 1 I was blown away by the amazing techniques and even more shocked at how well they have been working in my life. This second set brings fine-tuning to the first set and for me has opened an entire new view in my life I never would have guessed to be there.
    White Wolf did a great job presenting this truly eye opening material!