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Eagle Mind dvd set

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Eagle Mind dvd set

The mind of self control and total self awareness is the Eagle Mind. During such modern times of stress and turmoil, the human mind can become scattered and confused. Difficulty focusing and knowing what we want becomes a serious issue in daily life. Modern society is created to induce confusion by way of keeping everything moving at lightning speeds in all directions at once; keeping the individual from attaining anything too familiar and comfortable.

This Eagle Mind Course is layed out to cover, in great detail the 7 steps to attaining and reclaiming the true power of your thoughts. Using 7 specific animals and their habits, characteristics and functions in the Great Web of Life, we delve deeply into easy to understand techniques which allow us to figure out the following:

  • what is a mind pattern
  • where do mind patterns come from
  • how old are our mind patterns
  • how many layers of mind patterns do we have
  • how each of our mind patterns directly relate to every layer of our existence
  • how to find all of our mind patterns
  • how to work our mind patterns with success
  • how to understand all our mind patterns
  • how to use 7 steps in daily life to reclaim our minds and life as a whole
  • what is reality
  • how reality is controlled
  • how mind control and programming affects reality
  • how reality can change

But this course goes far beyond just mind pattern work. It also moved vastly into the reality of “Mind” and instructs how to move past the Mind into true awareness within the great consciousness beyond all form.

Within this Eagle Mind course you also learn about the core universal laws and how they relate to all life. Details on how many of them have been forgotten and why the world and human race has become what it is. You learn how to fully understand the lost universal laws and bring them back into your conscious reality.

Are you tired of being scattered and wasting energy chasing ghosts through life? Do you wish to find all aspects of your mind and come to understand how every aspect of your mind is creating all areas of your life here and beyond? Do you want to learn how to move through your mind to get to that which lies beyond? If you truly wish to reclaim the power of your mind so that you can move beyond it and learn to use that to transform and create your life, then this is the course for you! Eagle Mind, come learn to take back control of your mind, tap the infinite beyond the mind and reclaim your life.

In this 10 full length dvd set you will find the very fabric of what you think to be your life. Covering deep topics such as the layers of reality, the illusions of existence, the differences between brain and mind, tools to navigate the brain and tap the mind, 7 specific animal frequency steps to attaining freedom, the misplaced universal laws, the "Linkage", the tree technique, 13 vital steps to understanding the mental prison, mind patterns, brain patterns, crystal energy truth, the artificial web construction, filtered light reality, among a large number of other important details and methods for reclaiming who you are from who you think you are.
Led by White Wolf Von Atzingen this course will guide you into the deepest aspects of who you think you are only to allow you to understand the true reality that creates the life you lead. If you are ready for an actual change in life, personal, global and even off world then Eagle Mind is the key to truly attaining this goal and so much more!

Please be advised:

All of our dvd sets are formatted for IBM Compatible Computers. Some MAC computers will also play them but many MAC computers have problems playing the disks. If you have a MAC computer you may need to find another player to watch these. Most modern Stand Alone DVD Players will however play the disks.

To continue your Eagle Mind training don't forget to check out the Eagle Mind 2 Sacred Door of Freedom dvd set!

"The Eagle Mind Class was a tremendous course and really helped me finally bring things together in my Spiritual Evolution. I have been on my path for 14 years and finally someone ( White Wolf ) has explained everything in a complete and strait forward manner without any tricks or untold secrets. The understanding that the Brain is not the Mind has been a giant leap to a greater understanding of My Spiritual Self and MY True Purpose. The tools I received in Eagle Mind that will allow me to finally take the control of my Brain back from others and return it to my Higher Self has left me looking forward to the future and no longer living in fear...Thank you White Wolf my Soul is in your Debt.." 


PB New Hampshire


I am really determined to dig deep and alter my life in ways that are beneficial. The Eagle Mind course shook me up. That's for sure. Then I thought, well with practice, it will get easier and my life will improve, helping mankind to improve.  So, what's some discomfort and tears up against those benefits?  It's simple and huge. Loyalty to myself, who I truly am. Once I figure that out with the help of your techniques, I will have the life I want. Wow!
Thank you!


J- Delaware

After completing 3 days of the most intense teachings, i KNOW my life is never going to be the same. I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours a night, dreaming deeply, not remembering the details, and I wake up exhausted. I am being challenged during my day to day existence on the familiar plane and these problems no longer bother me very much. It is very difficult to continue to do my day job because I question why I am doing it and how i ended up living such a nonbeneficial life.  This class pulled the rug out from under me and I plan to work in the soil to come back to the earth plane because that is where so much of my work needs to be done. I feel like here in this reality I can see all the mistakes or should i call them actions that lead me to this moment and now it is time to forgive, gather strength, begin new habits and change my inner and outer picturing.  My world has been turned upside down- Once you know, you cannot shut the door, it is now open and here I am.

L- New York

This is a WARNING:

If you feel you have ever had programming and mind-control done to you, you must consider this information and the techniques found with to be potentially TRIGGERING. If you are currently seeking help for MPD please consult your therapist before attempting to utilize this information for personal healing. The triggering issues that could arise for those being controlled by covert programming who begin learning the truth can be very dangerous. Ways Of The Wild Institute and White Wolf Von Atzingen takes no responsibility for any triggering, misuse or other ill effects from utilizing the techniques and information found within these products.

Remember that your mind is a forest floor open and ready for seeds being planted by the world. Maybe the forest floor is properly prepared by life and ready to accept the seed of truth. Maybe the forest is caught in a brutal storm sweeping through and the planting of truth seeds is not possible at this time. You must look at yourself and ask if you are ready to learn the truth.

The techniques presented in all Ways Of The Wild Institute classes and learning products have been taught through Ways Of The Wild Institute since its opening in 2007 with great success. Let me state clearly and plainly- the material presented is in no way designed or meant to harm, trigger or otherwise affect individuals or groups in non-beneficial ways. There are no hidden agenda and everything we do at Ways Of The Wild Institute is upfront, honest and as clearly stated as we are able. IF the techniques are done properly- this means not only the technique but also from the proper mind set and preliminary work that are laid out in many areas of the school and products- they will not cause any dangerous issues. That is the techniques do not contain potentially dangerous issues. However, anyone can be triggered by anything- which I think I clearly stated in the 5th Healing Sessions Radio show as well as throughout many areas of my work.

This being said, even these techniques can trigger peoples programs and throw certain people into a downward spiral, but so can the rising sun or the full moon or a public newscast, etc, etc. We cannot and do not take any responsibility for the program responses of people who are trying to embark upon their healing paths. If we have a student who sits face to face, that is different. But people who are listen to a radio show, reading my book or any other long distance, non-personal interaction is out of my hands. I place warnings clearly on my materials because I know how programming and triggering work. It is the responsibility of other individuals to pay attention to themselves as they do the work so as to not let themselves fall into such states of heavy triggering. If they cannot then they need to be doing the work face to face with a qualified guide and NOT ALONE.


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Product Reviews

  1. An excellent workshop DVD

    Posted by Joanna on 8th Oct 2012

    This is such a great workshop and packed with very useful and interesting information. I particularly like the animal frequency steps and how they can be used as a tool to help the individual recognise and change non beneficial thought patterns. There are also several very good visualization excercises in this DVD that show you how this can be achieved. All I can say is that I have been doing them myself and they have worked well for me.

  2. Life Changing

    Posted by Linda on 17th Jun 2012

    This is the most incredible dvd class I have ever seen! The sheer depth and dynamic that White Wolf presents on the topics of the mind are beyond amazing.
    I highly recommend this dvd set to everyone!