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Real Mountain Lion Claw Necklace

  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • African claw for style example
  • Mountain Lion Claw
  • Mountain Lion Claw
  • Mountain Lion Claw
  • Mountain Lion Claw
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Product Description

This is a specialty page dedicated to the Real Mountain Lion Claw necklace which is ever increasing in popularity. There is no wonder why either! These magnificent claws resonate with amazing energy that you can easily feel when holding it in your hand. Made into a personalized necklace that helps to increase and support the lion energy in you and your life makes for a powerful piece of jewelry that catches the eye of any walker-by!

These claws are not in stock but specially ordered when you place an order for a Real Mountain Lion Claw necklace. They are delivered to Ways Of The Wild Institute raw and White Wolf must clean and work each one individually.

Again, these are REAL Mountain Lion Claws that average in size of about 2.25 inches by 2 inches with a powerful curve and thick body. They are front claws and if you have lion frequency or wish to bring some lion frequency into your life, this is a necklace for you!

Handmade and crafted by White Wolf for your specific energy. Unique and powerful!

Important Note- Some countries may not allow the possesion of Real Mountain Lion Claws. It is up to you the buyer to find out if they are legal in your region. Ways Of The Wild Institute takes no responsibility for this matter. Contact your local Department of Natural Resources to inquire about the legality of possessing a Mountain Lion Claw necklace in your area.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.


These necklaces are guaranteed for 60 days past purchase. If at any time they break during those 60 days you can send it back and it will be repaired and returned to you.  

Necklace care and recommendations:

  • Do not sleep with them on
  • Do not get them wet
  • Do not swim with them
  • Do not bathe with them
  • Do not wear them while playing sports
  • Keep them away from chemicals
  • Do not use chemical sealants on the claw

Water of any kind, besides a little rain will wash out the beads and eventually rot the cord. Heavy activities or sleeping with them will stress the cord and it will eventually break. The use of chemicals or sealants on the necklaces will deteriorate the natural materials. All of the above leaves very noticeable signs and will void the 60 day warranty.

If you keep them dry and clean, away from hardcore activities they will last you a good long while. The materials are solid and genuine so as long as they are properly cared for you will get many years of enjoyment from them.


Image before:




Image after getting wet many times and after repair from the cord snaping from fraying due to being wet- notice the bead fading:




This necklace is two years old and worn frequently, but has never been exposed to ongoing moisture or chemicals. Note the remaining quality:




"I just received my lion claw necklace in the mail and it's incredible! White Wolf does amazing work and the claw is so powerful. It's far more than I expected. Thank you White Wolf! Wonderful work."

T.H- Alberta Canada

"The lion claws come from old taxidermy rugs that were imported years ago and have been cut up for the claws or from animals from exotic zoos in the U.S. that either died a natural death or were put down from economic reasons (e.g., the owner could no longer afford to feed the animals). We have a paper trail from our supplier to us showing where we legally obtained the claws.  Our suppliers maintain their own paper trails to prove where they legally bought the claws.  Anybody who imported the original claws would likewise have a paper trail.  For competitive reasons, all parties will only supply proof and their paper trails to law enforcement officials.   The claws we offer have been legally obtained by us in the United States.  We have no reason to believe the claws came from poached animals and would not offer them if we did."

These animals died not for their claws, but why not help honor their spirit and energy through using their gifts to assist us in tapping into their great Medicine, so that we may come to understand them and their ways better.

Product Videos

Real Animal Claw Necklaces (32:02)
This is a video on the creation of the real claw frequency necklaces handmade at Ways Of The Wild Institute and globally known. http://store.waysofthewildinstitute.com/categories/Jewlery/
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Product Reviews

  1. This is the best necklace ever!!!

    Posted by Tolga AktaƟ on 28th Mar 2013

    Brought this necklace for myself and may I say it's amazing, have to give White Wolf many thanks because this truly is a work of art. Soon as I put it on, I felt so good, to be apart of a fearsome lion is a good feeling.

  2. Great Gift

    Posted by Steph on 5th Aug 2012

    My boyfriend got me this as a birthday gift and i was very surprised i thought it was beautiful and it was very thoughtful of him. I love him very very much :) its one of the best presents i've received and i love him very much and wear it all the time.

  3. Beautiful

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2012

    Even though I paid for this incredible necklace I cherish it as a gift. The necklace is so much more than I ever imagined it would be. The craftsmanship is truly amazing!